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NOTICE: All Grips are made to order and have a 2 week lead time. Thank you for your patience.

If Maverick/Boot grips had a baby with Blackwidow/Potato grips, this is the result.

Presenting the Cadillac of NAA grips, the Little Hoagie grips. These grips are the culmination of years of research and development into to most comfortable, form fitting grips for NAA mini revolvers. These grips have both form and function. While not overly large, barely bigger than the standard rubber black widow grips; they are infinitely more attractive and comfortable. Whether smooth finished or adorned with gripping texture, you're sure to love how they feel and look in your hands. These grips are for are for the serious NAA shooting enthusiast.

Pictures of wood grains/colors are not guaranteed to be exactly matching to the picture. They are a close approximation. 

If you would like a custom wood not listed. Please write it in the special instructions in check-out and/or email me with questions thingmeisterfab@gmail.com

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